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Safety by Design


CS Construction is committed to promoting safety and providing a safe work environment for each and every individual involved with our projects. 

We take a positive proactive approach toward implementation of our safety program. This requires an effort from CS management, field employees, as well as all subcontractors working on our job sites to enforce safe working practices. At CS Construction we believe safety is everyone’s responsibility. All individuals are empowered to take actions necessary to make activities safe at any point through the construction process. Safety is more than written rules and regulations. Safety is a mind frame that perpetuates safe actions and practices. 

Safe working environments boost team moral and contributes greatly to everyone’s project success. CS Construction believes that providing a safe work environment is not only paramount in contributing to overall job success, but is a moral obligation to every individual involved with our projects. Safety is a value that has an affect on every aspect of our lives. Safe working practices effects the lives of those close to us on and off the jobsite. It is CS Construction’s commitment to send each and every individual involved with our projects home to their families in the same condition they arrived in. Accidents do happen, but it is our stance that all accidents are preventable.

We deliver what is promised, on time and on budget.

“From the initial RFP response through the end of our project, CS has impressed us with their thorough approach, ownership of the project and management of budget and timeline.”

Brigitte R. Gentner Chief Financial Officer, Tillamook Air Museum